Keeping Your Jewelery Safe at Home

Whether you’ve got piles of bling stacked at home, or just a few ones that’s been passed down from generations, you’d always want to keep all of them safe. Precious and luxurious jewelery isn’t something you wear everyday (unless you’re a celebrity or members of the royal family or something), but only on special occasions where you choose to look your best. Losing them is a great loss, especially if it carries a sentimental value or you’ve spent a significant amount of money to buy it. The most tricky jewels are earrings, because they’re small and could get lost even as you wear them! However, the safest you’d store your jewels is at home, possibly in your bedroom. Here’s how you can create the safest space for your jewels at home.

Cover in Locked Boxes

A lot of jewelry came with their own boxes when you get them. They might not be locked, but they are hefty and heavy, and will create a plopping sound when opened and closed. This means that whenever someone else opens or closes it, you’ll be able to hear it right away, if you’re close. Another option is to get locked boxes to store your jewelry. A lot of these boxes are sold in jewelry stores now, and it comes with a key that you get to hide anywhere you want. The most common locked jewelry boxes are for rings, because many people cherish their rings the most, especially wedding rings that could cost a fortune if resold.

Sealed Storage

Another option is to get tass floor boxes as a sealed storage for your jewelry. Granted, they don’t look the prettiest, yet they are incredibly safe. No one would assume that you keep jewelry down there. And you can even keep other precious things as well, such as emergency money, expensive watches, etc. These boxes are meant to withstand any kind of storage, which means you can hide it under your floor and it won’t budge. Often, people would store precious things in a wooden box and store it somewhere that gets no sunlight, the wood will decay and pests will make their way in. You’ll find your jewels covered in dirt and ants, which is not the best way to maintain their luxurious looks.


The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Wallet for Men

men's wallet

A wallet is a personal thing that holds most of your identity. Also, as a man, when you possess a wallet, it shows that you are an organized person. But how do you know the right buying tips you should consider when planning to buy a wallet?

Once you have decided to buy a wallet, there are a lot of critical buying tips you should consider. Different people have different likes and preferences. Due to this reason, many people will buy various types of wallets based on their usage and likes.

When you are choosing your wallet, you should pay more attention and know the best type that will suit your needs. There are various kinds in the market and make sure that you choose carefully. Research around to know the primary buying factors you are recommended to consider when making your purchase. Here are some of the elements you should put into consideration.

Choose a Neat Wallet

walletAs mentioned a while ago, a wallet is one of an essential accessory that should go simple. Due to this fact, simplicity is one of the critical aspects that should be put in place. A neat and classy wallet with plain color can be versatile.

A smart wallet can fit both casual and formal events. With this kind of a wallet, it can go well with various types of clothes in your wardrobe. You should remember that a smart wallet will display out more concerning your fashion and personality.

Consider the Right Size

When buying a wallet, you should avoid having an over-sized wallet. Most men think that a big wallet will help them to carry a lot of items. But it is advisable to buy the best medium-sized wallet. Avoid a big wallet because it will make it harder for you to slide it into your trousers’ pocket.


The designs and types of wallets are not the only two significant factors you need to consider when buying one. You should make sure that you do not limit your options of materials. Once you arrive at the market, you can check the available options.

The Compartments of Your Wallet

The compartment design of your wallet is another critical factor you need to think about when choosing or buying a wallet. Therefore, if you tend to carry a lot of things such as banknotes, bills and credit cards, go for a wallet that has a lot of different slots.…