How To Avoid Losing Items When Shipping


No matter how careful the shipping process is you can not ignore the risk of losing items. A few items are likely to get lost, damaged, or destroyed. CEVA Logistics is one of the best companies for shipping items.

The possible reasons for losing items include; items delivered to the wrong address, incorrect information on the address either misspelling or writing the address in reverse, and the label coming off from the package. The following are ways to avoid losing items when shipping:

Proper Labeling

logistics...It is important to double-check the labels before goods are dispatched. Most of the time packages get lost is because of mislabeling. Labels should contain the client’s information; name, location, and address.

The information should be clear and easy to identify. In case of incorrect spellings and stains on the label, it should be removed and replaced. For fragile items, the label should be indicated how much weight the package can withstand when stacked with other items. This will ensure the items are kept separately to prevent damage.

Proper Packaging

Small packages are more likely to get lost if they are not packaged properly. Hazardous items should be packed separately to avoid damaging other goods.

Envelopes and waterproof poly bags can be used to store small packages and be labeled properly. Liquid packages such as ethanol should be stored and sealed to avoid spillage and possible fire hazards.

‘In Case Found Note’

All items being shipped should have a note that has information about where to be returned in case they are lost or delivered to the wrong address. It should have a contact who is reliable and a tracking number that will lead back to the sender.

If anything goes wrong the sender will receive the goods. If the client doesn’t receive a package, he/she is required to write a request to the shipping company. The company will start looking in the lost and found items and probably recover the package. If the item is found, they will inform you and start shipping it back.

shipping company

Shipping Insurance

Enquire from your shipping company if they offer insurance although it might come at an extra cost. For you to get packaging insurance you need to declare the exact value of each item so that they know how much to compensate in the event of a claim.

You will have to find out if the items are eligible to be covered, some items do not qualify to be insured. For fragile goods ensure it is properly packaged otherwise they might refuse the claim if they were not securely packaged. Make sure you declare the correct amount to avoid additional fees or not being compensated at all.