Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Leaflets Marketing


Leaflets or brochures or flyers are simple yet handy marketing tools that businesses can use to reach potential and existing customers. Companies produce captivating brochures and hire reliable service providers to deliver them to homes and business premises to reach targeted customers. However, there are some mistakes that your business may make in the leaflet marketing campaigns and lead to poor results.

Here are some of the mistakes to avoid as you do your leaflet marketing

Producing Low-Quality Flyers

producing unimpressive leafletsThe brochure’s attractive look makes customers and other people take their time to read through them to get the information the business is passing to them, for example, promotions, sales, and others. If the business does no hire professional designers and printing firm and gets inferior quality leaflets, it will most likely not get good results from its efforts. This is because those who receive the brochure may not take the time to read them. As such, it would be best to have colored and well-designed leaflets to reap the most from them.

Distributing the Same Day as the Local Newspapers

distributing same day as newspaperSometimes companies partner with the bestselling local dailies or other publications to distribute leaflets through them as inserts. When your business decides to use that route and still do the distribution through a hired service provider, it would be best not to do both on the same day. The recipients are mostly the same people and will not bother to read the flyers in the papers if they had seen them in their mail.

The customers may even feel like the company sending the leaflets is pushing too much, and they choose to ignore their flyers. The best approach would be to deliver the leaflets using papers and delivery services or staff on different days and avoid overloading the customer with too many papers.

Producing Too Many Leaflets the First Time

Since you are not sure what the people like, it would help to keep the first run of leaflets small. You can gauge the people’s response and improve if you find some areas are not good enough. If you produce very many on the first time, and the targeted recipients do not like them, you will have lost. It would help if you kept improving in response to the recipients’ reaction and the results you get.…