Tips on Choosing the Best CBD for Pets

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One should make sure that his/her pet gets the right product. There are a lot of products in the market that claim to contain CBD, some are genuine and others counterfeit. Always consult your

Veterinarian before administering any CBD product to your pet, because not giving the right dosage might be harmful.  The following are some factors you should consider when choosing a CBD product for your pets:

Check the Ingredients

Check the ingredients in the package before taking it home to your pet. Some products might contain ingredients that can harm your pet; either by causing allergies or inflammations. Other products may contain added sugars and preservatives that are not good for a pet’s health.

With the oils which are directly poured in the pet’s mouth, you need to double check any element that can cause a reaction in the pet’s body. Look out for natural and organic hemp harvesting methods and pick the favorable flavors such as chicken, beef and peanut butter. If your dog is sensitive, get the unflavored oils and treats.

Read Reviews

The best CBD product is usually taken through several tests and reviewed by a third party. The third party gives honest reviews about the product and recommends it for use.

Apart from that, you can read the review in the internet. Some people who have used the product will give it a rating, a good rating shows that the product is efficient. Bad ratings means the product doesn’t meet the claimed results.

Certificate of Analysis

A good brand indicates a certificate of analysis in their website or the customer support section. The certificate shows lab results from an independent third party. It usually verifies the amount of CBD and other extra ingredients found in the product. If there is no certificate from a third party, avoid buying the product.

Method of Extraction

There are different methods of CBD extraction which include; dry ice, CO2 and olive oil extraction. The best extraction method is the superficial CO2 and cold-press.

This is because, the product extracted is pure and clean. Solvent extraction methods such as the use of propane and butane may be toxic to your pets. Enquire from the manufacturer the method of extraction used before buying the product.

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Compare Price

Most CBD products are affordable, they range from $20 to $200 or even more. The price will depend with its quality, the brand, type, purity and concentration. A more concentrated product will have a higher price.

Cheap products usually have additives, solvents and preservatives which can be harmful. However, there are other products which are of high quality but their prices are relatively cheap.