What You Should Avoid Completely When Using a Sex Toy


Using sex toys is becoming more and more common. Science supports its benefits since studies show that using them in intimacy improves sexual function, breaks the same routine, and promotes healthy behaviors among couples. There are sex toys designed for both men and women.

Visit Spanking Monkey for a review of Fleshlight Launch and other male sex toys. You need to observe complete care when using these toys. There are several mistakes you should avoid when using sex toys. They include:

Leaving the Batteries In

erotic toysThis is one of the most common beginner mistakes. You may want to have erotic toys ready for action, and it is understandable, but you must resist because leaving the batteries on can make them not last long, break down or fail to turn on at the most unexpected moment. Avoid uncomfortable moments, keep batteries close, and put them in your toy only when you want to use it. If you are using a toy with rechargeable batteries, follow all the care instructions.


Rinsing Only With Water

The hygiene of sex toysadult toys is essential if you want to enjoy them. One of the things you should avoid is rinsing them only with water since the ideal option is to boil them until they are disinfected. You can also use foam detergents-disinfectants such as those used in the surgical field, which you must leave in 10 minutes. Disinfection should be carried out after every use. This will keep you free from fungal and bacterial infections.

Poor Storage

The way you store your sex toys should not be taken lightly. If they are mixed with other things and come into contact with dirty or contaminated objects, you will carry that dirt directly to your body the next time you use them. Ideally, keep them in an individual case, always well washed and dry. Remember that any residue that remains in your toys will end up on your body, so try to dry them in the open air and avoid using towels or rags.

Poor Disposalerotic toys

Do you know how to dispose of a sex toy properly? You should never throw them away, much less give it to someone else. Sex toys can be recycled after use, and some shops do so. Products can be sent to centers that approve their recycling where they are disassembled, and all recyclable parts are coated and reassembled. Sure, make sure to bring the toy you no longer use correctly sanitized so they can recycle it.