Why You Need a Professional Registered Agent


In almost every state, a registered agent is required before anybody can establish a business. You can have the option of being your own registered agent, but this means you are doing away with many benefits of hiring a professional registered agent.

If you think that a registered agent’s only task is to receive you mails in your favor, then being your own registered agent can be a viable choice. You can also designate someone you trust or anybody in your business as long as he has permanent residence in the state.

Lawsuits Are Avoided

timeSome mails sent by the state may need some prompt action. You may not be able to do so if you have not read your mail. You may be busy or on an out-of-town trip. Failure to accomplish requirements can result in lawsuits against you. You may be handled with penalties which can lead to a bad reputation. In worst cases, some business licenses were revoked. For sure, you do not want these things to happen to your new business

A registered agent can also help you in a number of ways. He can help you find a reliable accountant or a legal counsel for your business when you need these services in the future. He will also keep copies of documents, so you have a backup in case of loss of files due to natural disasters, theft, or device malfunction.

More Tasks Are Off Your Shoulders

With a professional registered agent, you will have more time trying to grow your business. This is because you will be delineating some important functions. You will also have more time for personal matters. When someone is in charge of your business mails, you will be able to separate your personal and business life.

You can also be assured that you will receive guidance when you need to. With a reputable agent, you have a formidable support staff to rely every time that you need help.


Privacy Is Maintained

If you hire a registered agent, you will not need to put your business address in public documents. The address of your agent will be the one imprinted on documents. This can give a sense of security and privacy to you and your business. In case you need to branch out to other states in the future, the address of a registered agent will be used.